About EKF

It started as an idea…

A single regional event, hosted by many of New England’s and New York’s various kayak fishing groups, working together instead of against each for the good of the sport. That simple idea has since morphed into Elite Kayak Fishing, a full-blown regional trail series.

As a way to offer more opportunities to our anglers, we have partnered with Kayak Bass Fishing, LLC (KBF) as the first-ever KBF Partner Trail Series. KBF is the nation’s leading kayak fishing tournament organization, and anglers wishing to take their skills to the next level of competitive kayak bass fishing can do so by participating in our events and qualifying to fish the mother of all kayak tournaments, the KBF National Championship!

Anglers fishing our events also have the opportunity to qualify for the All-American Kayak Classic.

This is just the beginning.