Angler of the Year points will be distributed after each regular-season Elite Kayak Fishing event. Our points system is as follows:

Tournament 600 6 4 2,400
Championship 900 9 1 900

Angler of the Year Eligibility

• Only EKF Members may earn Angler of the Year points. Membership is $50 per year. To join, click here.

• Non-members may compete in EKF events for additional cost (see event paid for details), but will not receive Angler of the Year points.

• AOY points are awarded only to anglers who compete in EKF events and who are members prior to the event. Points will not be awarded retroactively.

Points Awards

• The maximum AOY points awarded in a regular-season EKF event is 600 and 900 at the Championship.

• The decrement at each regular-season event is 6 points per place in rank and 9 points at the Championship.


• Points from anglers’ best 4 regular-season EKF events (maximum 600 each, total 2,400 from four events).

• Points from anglers’ best placing in the EKF Championship (maximum 900).

• Ties are broken by Championship standing.

At the end of the year, the top-ranking angler will be crowned the Elite Kayak Fishing Angler of the Year!