A lifelong fisherman, Ken Wood has been fishing competitively since 2007, first on the local scene, then entering the national ring in 2016. Since then, he has amassed over twenty wins and nearly one hundred top ten finishes, including two trips to KBF’s TEN Championship and a KBF Regional Angler of the Year title.

He is also the founder of Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’.

Founder/Tournament Director

Adam has been competing in fishing tournaments for over fifteen years. When he’s not teaching at Southern New Hampshire University, he travels the country, competing on some of the nation’s best fisheries. Adam has qualified for multiple KBF National Championships and focuses primarily on competing in Elite Kayak Fishing, where he has four top ten finishes and one win, and other local trails.

Social Media/Marketing Manager

Torrence cut his teeth doing video game and technology journalism and made the switch to bass fishing content creation in 2018. After a few ICast shows, he decided to start fishing competitively and now runs a Bluesky Boatworks Angler 360 and competes in Elite Kayak Fishing trails.

Digital Media/Video Editor

John Ferreira has been fishing competitively since 2018. Since then, he was won four tournaments and placed in the top ten over twenty times while traveling the country fishing regional and national trails.