Angler of the Year points will be distributed after each regular-season Elite Kayak Fishing event. As we are partnered with Kayak Bass Fishing, and to make this format as simple as possible, we are mirroring KBFs points system, which is as follows:

Tournament 600 6 3 1,800
Championship 900 9 1 900

Angler of the Year Eligibility

• Only EKF Members may earn Angler of the Year points. Membership is free. Please register here.

• AOY points are awarded only to anglers who compete in EKF events.

Points Awards

• The maximum AOY points awarded in a regular-season EKF event is 600 and 900 at the Championship event.

• The decrement at each regular-season event is 6 points per place in rank and 9 Points at the Championship.


• Points from anglers’ best 3 regular-season EKF events (maximum 600 each, total 1,800 from three events).

• Points from anglers’ best placing in the EKF Championship (maximum 900).

• Ties are broken by Championship standing.

At the end of the year, the top-ranking angler will be crowned the annual Elite Kayak Fishing Angler of the Year!