Event #2 – Messalonskee Lake

UPDATE 5/18: Based on the number of anglers that fished our Cayuga Lake event—which was on Mother’s Day weekend and had less than desirable weather—we had concerns that we would go over our cap for Messalonskee.

To avoid any potential roadblocks and dumping a very last-minute decision into the anglers’ laps, we reached out to the state and acquired an additional permit for Long Pond, which is connected to Messalonksee Lake via Belgrade Stream (separated by a dam).

Anglers will now be able to fish either lake (or both) for this event.

Hosted by Adam Rourke and Maine Yak Anglers, the second Elite Kayak Fishing event will take place on June 5, 2021, on beautiful Messalonskee Lake and Long Pond, part of the Belgrades chain of lakes located in the Belgrades region of Maine.

Messalonskee Lake has a healthy population of largemouth and smallmouth bass, with the latter being the most prominent black bass species. Anglers can expect to catch fish shallow and deep, with weeds, rocks, humps, docks, islands, and many other features bass love scattered across the lake.

Via the Wing Mills Road dam, Long Pond dumps into Belgrade Stream, which then flows into Messalonskee Lake. Long Pond fishes very similar to Messalonskee and has many of the same characteristics, though its shoreline is much more undeveloped and natural compared to Messalonskee.



Entry Fee: $125.00
Tournament Format: CPR (catch-photo-release)
Minimum Length: 12.00 inches
Number of Fish: 5-fish limit


Location: Snow Pond Center for the Arts in Sidney, ME (click here for directions)

Lodging is available, and anglers are highly encouraged to stay at Snow Pond. Special cabin and dorm-room rates are available ($110 a night for single cottages, $145 a night for a two-bedroom). E-mail Mike Guarino here to make a reservation.


Pre-fishing Deadline: 4:00 PM
Registration Deadline: 5:00 PM
Mandatory Weed Inspection: 5:00 PM
Captain’s Meeting: 6:00 PM
Identifier Code Release: 8:00 PM


Earliest Launch: 5:30 AM
Competition Start (Lines In): 6:00 AM
Competition End (Lines Out): 2:00 PM
Photo Upload Deadline: 2:30 PM
Check-in Deadline: 3:30
Awards Ceremony: 4:00 PM


Launch from any public-access launch point on Messalonskee Lake or Long Pond, contiguous with eligible water. Snow Pond campus is included as an eligible launch point for this event.

For Messalonskee Lake, the boundaries extend from the Libby Hill Road dam in the north to the southern side of the Wing Mills Road dam in the south, including all tributaries as far as one may paddle/float to the first impassible barrier (i.e. dam, waterfall, etc).

For Long Pond, the southern boundary is the northern side of the Wing Mills Road dam as far north as one can paddle/pedal/motor, including all tributaries as far as one may paddle/float to the first impassible barrier (i.e. dam, waterfall, etc).

See KBF rule #5 for more details on competition areas and eligible water.


You may use one of three approved measuring devices, all made by Ketch Products: the original Ketch Board, the Ketch X board, or the Ketch Karbonate board.

Anglers using any other measuring device will have their fish denied.


We will be using the Fishing Chaos platform to manage our events. Anglers are required to have an account with them and download the app.

There are two pricing plans available—monthly and annual—or you can opt to pay a small event fee instead.


The four-digit identifier code will go live on Fishing Chaos at 8 PM. The code must be written on either an event-specific EKF identifier card (download here) or an official KBF identifier card.

Identifier codes written on anything else will result in a denied entry.


All competitors are required to have a valid state fishing license. Purchase one online at this location.


Competitors who finish in the top 10% in rank and are also KBF members prior to the event will qualify to compete in the 2021 KBF National Championship.

Additionally, at the end of the season, the top anglers in our Angler of the Year race will also qualify to compete in the 2021 All-American Kayak Classic.


Payouts equal 100% of net entry fees (gross entry fees less a $5.00 admin fee per angler, which goes toward banners, trophies, permit fees, tournament headquarter rental fees, etc).

For a full rundown of our 2021 payout structure, click here.


All announced results are unofficial until after the 24-hour dispute window closes and all disputes have been resolved. EKF will then distribute payments via PayPal Funds Transfer to the email address provided during event registration or to your Fishing Chaos Wallet.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us here.