Monthly archives: January, 2024

February Membership Drive!

Good afternoon!

Starting February 1, our new paid membership model will go live on Fishing Chaos. This annual membership fee will be $50. It will expire each year on December 31 and will not auto-renew.

To show our appreciation for those who sign up early, we will be offering this free and exclusive members-only T-shirt to anyone who joins in the month of February!

This high-quality, black Gildan heavy cotton shirt will only be available during this membership drive!

We will have a limited number of shirts available at the upcoming New England Fishing Expo in Marlborough, MA, February 2–4, so be sure to come by our booth and sign up (or show us that you’ve signed up) and grab a shirt if we have your size.

If we run out of shirts or don’t have your size at the show, we will be placing an additional order at the end of the month and will mail them out once the shirts are printed.

Our shirts are done by Triumph Printing Co. Check them out if you’re looking for quality screenprinting.

The artwork was done by Stevie Weeks. If you like it and are interested in commissioning some work, please reach out and we will connect you with him.

If you have any questions, let us know!

2024 Season Teaser

As many of you saw, we had some technical issues with last week’s livestream. We will re-address what we discussed then on our next livestream.

Until then, here is a quick teaser on some of the changes we have planned for 2024 and beyond…

A Tribute

We recently lost one of our own, Scott Rhodes.

The currents of mental illness can be swift and unpredictable, and though Scott was making big strides over the past few years, he unfortunately took his own life.

He was our friend, and will be greatly missed.

We want all of you to know that we are here whenever you may need someone—and we’d like to think that “we” isn’t just us at EKF, but this entire kayak fishing community. If you ever find yourself adrift or drowning, call someone, text, private message, dial 988, just reach out.

We are here. Always.

Rest in peace, rest in power, Scott.

Using the Fishing Chaos App

Understanding the Fishing Chaos app is essential to your success in our events. On the surface, it’s a simple app to use: take a photo, click SUBMIT CATCH, choose the photo from the photo album (unless you took the photo via the app’s camera feature), enter the length, and click SUBMIT. Once it reaches 100% and clears off your screen, then check the leaderboard to make sure your submission uploaded successfully. Simple.

However, there are some settings that must be correct on your phone to ensure a successful upload. Here are some helpful tips to make sure those settings are correct.


As of today, January 1, 2024, the current version of the Fishing Chaos app is 2.1.0. It is highly recommended that the app and your phone’s operating system is up to date.

To make sure your phone’s settings are correct for use with the app, please open the app and perform the following steps:

1. Click the “hamburger” (i.e. the three horizontal lines) at the top left.
2. Click on your name.
3. Scroll down and click Preferences.
4. Click Test App Settings.

Please note that, since a few iOS updates ago, the Test Camera button isn’t working. A fix is forthcoming.

From there you’ll be able to verify settings for your camera, photo library, and location are correct. If they are not correct, perform the following steps…


If you are fishing our events, or any event that uses the Fishing Chaos app, please make sure you’ve given the app the appropriate access to your photos and location.

If you have an iPhone, go to Settings > Fishing Chaos > Photos, and make sure All Photos is checked off.

Also go under Settings > Privacy > Location Services, then scroll down to Fishing Chaos and make sure that is set to While Using the App. Also make sure Precise Location is on.

To see this in real time, watch the video below (it’s old but still valid)…


If you’re using an Android phone, follow the steps in this document.

Please note that these settings may vary depending on what Android phone you are running, but they should be similar.

It is imperative that you verify these settings before an event, as your phone will sometimes reset your location and permission settings, especially after an operating system update. It is your responsibility to ensure that these settings are accurate. Not doing so could result in your fish being denied.

If you have any questions, please reach out. Thanks!

Article updated on January 1, 2024.