Event #5 – Lake Champlain

Hosted by Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’, the world-class Lake Champlain will once again be the location of the Elite Kayak Fishing Championship!

The event will be our first-ever two-day event, taking place September 10–11 on the southern half of the lake.

Lake Champlain is a world-renowned bass fishery, with monster largemouth and smallmouth caught year-round, from the northern tip in Canada (off limits for our event) to the southern reaches over one hundred miles away. Anglers will find everything they’re looking for on this massive and majestic body of water.

New for 2022: To qualify for this championship, anglers need to place in the top 5 at any regular-season event or finish in the top 50 in the Angler of the Year race during our first four events.

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Entry Fee: $180.00
Optional Double Down Entry Fee: $170.00
Tournament Format: CPR (catch-photo-release)
Minimum Length: 12.00 inches
Number of Fish: 5-fish limit

The optional Double Down entry fee is a winner-takes-all side pot. The angler with the biggest limit who also doubled down (paid an additional $170) wins the entire pot!


Location: Knights of Columbus in Port Henry, NY (click here for directions)


Pre-fishing Deadline: 4:00 PM
Registration Deadline: 5:00 PM
Captain’s Meeting: 6:00 PM
Identifier Code Release: 8:00 PM


Earliest Launch: 5:30 AM
Competition Start (Lines In): 6:00 AM
Competition End (Lines Out): 2:00 PM
Photo Upload Deadline: 3:00 PM


Earliest Launch: 5:30 AM
Competition Start (Lines In): 6:00 AM
Competition End (Lines Out): 2:00 PM
Photo Upload Deadline: 3:00 PM
Check-in Deadline: 4:00 PM
Dinner/Awards Ceremony: 4:30 PM


Launch from any public-access launch point contiguous with eligible water. Boundaries include the entirety of the lake, including all tributaries as far as one may paddle/float to the first impassible barrier (i.e. dam, waterfall, etc), except where noted below.

The northern boundary is south of the Ausable River on the New York side across to Colchester Point. Anything north of that, including the Ausable River and all of Malletts Bay, is off limits.

The southern boundary extends to the entirety of South Bay, the Poultney River down to Champlain Canal Lock 12 and over to the East Bay Road bridge. Anything beyond these boundaries is off limits.

See KBF rule #5 for more details on competition areas and eligible water.


You may use one of three approved measuring devices, all made by Ketch Products: the original Ketch Board, the Ketch X board, or the Ketch Karbonate board.

Anglers using any other measuring device will have their fish denied.


We will be using the Fishing Chaos platform to manage our events. Anglers are required to have an account with them and download the app.

There are two pricing plans available—monthly and annual—or you can opt to pay a small event fee instead.

New for 2022: Our events will also be professionally handled and judged by Reel Tournament Management.


The four-digit identifier code will go live on Fishing Chaos at 8 PM. The code must be written on either an event-specific EKF identifier card (download here) or an official KBF identifier card.

Identifier codes written on anything else will result in a denied entry.


Max Points: 900
Decrement: 9
Participation: 180
Registration: 90

Click here to see how our points system works.


All competitors are required to have a valid state fishing license. Lake Champlain has a reciprocal license agreement with Vermont and New York, which means a valid license from either state allows you to fish most of the lake within the event boundaries.

Anglers intending to fish South Bay will be required to have a valid New York fishing license.

Purchase a New York license online at this location, or a Vermont fishing license at this location.


For a full refund (less credit card processing fees), cancelations must be received no later than the Friday before the event.

EKF is not responsible for any refunds of expenses related to travel or lodging reservations or other payments involving third parties.


Competitors who finish in the top 10% in the overall Angler of the Year race (which includes the championship) and are also Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) members prior to the event will qualify to compete in the KBF National Championship.


Payouts equal 100% of net entry fees (gross entry fees less a $10.00 admin fee per angler, which goes toward credit card processing fees, judging fees, permit fees, venue rental costs, trophies, etc., and a $5 hold-back for the championship pot).

For a full rundown of our series and Double Down payout structures, click here.


All announced results are unofficial until after the 24-hour dispute window closes and all disputes have been resolved. EKF will then distribute payments via PayPal Funds Transfer to the email address provided during event registration or to your Fishing Chaos Wallet.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us here.