The subject of payouts can be a touchy one. Everyone wants transparency, but sometimes there is far more involved than most outsiders realize, and transparency can become a liability. On the other hand, less transparency, for reasons justified or not, can lead to rumors, and…well, rumors are always true, right?

Luckily for us, our payout structure is about as straightforward as they come.


Regular Event: $125
Championship Event: $175


Big Bass: $500 (based on at least 50 anglers)
Admin Fees: $5 (per angler)


Payment for judges
Payment for host directors (distributed at end of season)
Payment for banners, trophies, tournament HQ rental fees, etc.
Permit costs
Miscellaneous fees

There it is: 96% payout. Simple. Sweet. To the point.

Elite Kayak Fishing was built for tournament anglers by tournament anglers. We wanted to have some of the best payout percentages in the industry while also taking care of our partners, the directors, whose assistance is invaluable to our success. We feel like we have done that here.

We also have sponsorship deals in the works for prize packages and product giveaways, which will only increase the overall payouts.

This trail is for you, not us, and we aim to prove that.

For a full a breakdown out to 150 anglers, click here.