Monthly archives: January, 2021

Championship Qualification

Our inaugural trail series leads to the mighty Lake Champlain, a world-renowned bass factory that splits the borders between New York, Vermont, and Canada. The first-ever Elite Kayak Fishing Championship will take place on that world-class fishery on September 11, 2021, and we have no doubt you want to fish it.

However, while our first four events are open to all anglers, you’ll have to earn your way into the championship.

EKF on the Jigs & Bigs Podcast

This past weekend we had chance to sit down and discuss all things Elite Kayak Fishing with the guys from Jigs & Bigs. We’ll be working with them on our events this season. More on that in the future, but for now give the latest episode a listen.

And if you’re inclined, follow them on …

Lake Hopatcong Permit Denied

When we put this trail together, we had a feeling one event may cause us some issues. Originally scheduled for April 10, we moved the Lake Hopatcong event to July 17 to avoid travel and public gathering restrictions, which we anticipated would be an obstacle that early in the year.

Unfortunately, despite Brian’s and Danny’s best efforts, we were unable to secure a permit for Lake Hopatcong.

We know a lot……

EKF Payout Structure

The subject of payouts can be a touchy one. Everyone wants transparency, but sometimes there is far more involved than most outsiders realize, and transparency can become a liability. On the other hand, less transparency, for reasons justified or not, can lead to rumors, and…well, rumors are always true, right?

Luckily for us, our payout structure is about as straightforward as they come.


Regular Event: $125
Championship Event:……